I wish you could have been there… The room was electric. A mix of angst and joy from a slice of a demographic 3 years in the making. Everyone stood around knawing  on the free refreshments Red provided. Hundreds of phones, laptops, and tablets were furious with activity. In a way, the large sound stage was just an over-sized living room… As if all of us were at home sitting on Reduser, but there together.


They began the presentation by showing two reels. The first was a compilation of the growing list of award winning films shot on Red. Well edited and inspiring.

The second reel was the Epic “700″ reel you can find on red.com/experience/red_reels . I had already seen it, but in 1080p compressed h.264 on Vimeo. Online, it’s a nice looking reel. But on a 20ft 4k projected screen, the reel is un.freaking.believable. Though we deal with 5k resolution all the time at 5k insight, we rarely get to see the footage projected at its full potential. There was so much detail that my brain couldn’t comprehend the incredible images. The shots are literally better than my eye can see. By a lot. The sweeping helicopter shot of the Santa Monica pier especially stood of to me. There were little tiny people walking around in this huge wide master shot taken hundreds, if not thousands of feet in the air and they were tack sharp and full of detail. Mind officially blown. I could go on and on about it and maybe some other time I will. But onto newer things….

Initially, no photos or streaming were going to be allowed at the Red Scarlet event. But everything in life changes.  It was mentioned that Reduser had 30,000 hits in just 1-2 minutes. Most of the world sat in front of an infinite refresh on Reduse including the projected display at Red Studios. Light-hearted Jokes passed around about the many previous Reduser stalls…and then a decision was made, Jim would announce the Scarlet specs to all of us in the room, in a last minute make-shift Scarlet Address. Selfishly, this was a dream come true.

Jim Jannard at Red Scarlet Event

It became our responsibility to get the word out.

First, a familiar message. 1080p is not enough, it’s a 4k delivery world.

Jim, “when Scarlet was conceived, she was a girl. Now she’s grown into a woman.” To steal from Charles Dickens, the tension in the room could have been cut with a knife.

And then the big news

“Scarlet is a 4k motion, 5k stills camera” applause. Nervousness.

“Scarlet is Epics little sister. She has less data rate.” Maxes out at 6:1 compression. The Hobbit is being shot with 5:1.

5k at 12 fps. True 4k at 1-25fps. 6fps HDRx 5k. 12 fps HDRx 4k.
2k 60 fps, 1k 120 fps. A mixed reaction from the crowd, largely positive.

“Scarlet does 50 megaBYTES per second, which is 440 megabits per second, Redcode RAW.” Murmors about some other camera announcement.

More details were revealed about the package… Consists of brain, side ssd and canon aluminum mount.

Jim asks if he’s forgetting anything. Shouts around the room… Delivery is on everyone’s mind.

December 1st delivery, with $1500 PL upgrade by original November 17th mentioned ship date

Back to the room for questions. Accessories are up next.

Every Epic accessory works with Scarlet, totally interchangeable. Scarlet is the same size, same weight as Epic. The camera is battleship grey instead of black like Epic.

Next question.. Redcode. 4k at 6:1. 4k quad HD at 7:1

Jim makes a joke about ending the presentation, but there’s one last piece in everyone’s mind… Price. People sitting grip their chairs. People standing shift their weight from one leg to the other. I tweeted anxiously on my iPad fumbling around trying to get the stupid hashtag in every tweet. (they put the pound sign on the symbols keypad on iPad so you have to tap twice to get there and tap again to get out ugh)

Queue the inaudible drumroll…. $9750 for the brain, side module and aluminum canon mount. Lots of applause, somebody talks about buying 5. Scarlet package, ie everything needed to shoot, under $14k sans lenses.

A question about 2/3″ 8x fixed lens scarlet. Fixed scarlet is no more. Jim states that they couldn’t get the lens to work right.

More questions… Jim, “Best Canon camera is Red!”

Someone asks about the Dragon sensor for scarlet. Yes, it can upgrade to it, more expensive than Epic upgrade. (Jarred mentioned separately on Reduser we should expect to see the sensor 2nd half of 2012)

Lightfield tech is in development, down the road a while.

Scarlet had all 3D functions.

Only difference between Scarlet and Epic is data rate and frame rates. Scarlet uses less expensive ASICs.

Scarlet will ship with playback enabled. Epic playback probably before Nov 17.

red epic playback and scarlet playback interface

Red Epic and Scarlet Playback Interface

Demand for Scarlet… Jim states, never out of back order, but not because they’re only making a few cameras, but because they’ll sell so many.

Scarlet warranty is the same as Epic.

Suddenly, it’s past 6pm, and we’re told that we can begin placing deposits for Scarlet over the phone with Bomb Squad reps (red.com is still down at this point)

A few more questions are asked and the Scarlet is brought up in front of the crowd on a tricked out shoulder rig system. Things devolve into organized chaos and the ordering begins.

redscarletbackjamesonscarletred scarlet canon lensredscarletfrontred scarlet

It was a crazy experience. For those in the room, we were promised an early spot in line for Scarlet, which wasn’t originally the plan, but that changed when the websites went down.

I had a chance to talk with Jim for a few minutes after the presentation. For having built two amazing companies, the guys sure is down to earth. It was cool to meet the guy that had an idea for a great product and did it. I hope more Americans are out there like Jim Jannard.