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We’ve spent countless hours mining the internet for the best of the best of the best for our Red Epic package while keeping costs reasonable. We believe that a well-rounded and ready-to-go package benefits our customers in the following ways:

1) Ready to go anywhere

All of our gear is portable, fit into Pelican cases (including our mobile DIT solution). We want it to be easy to get the gear to where you’re shooting so you can spend less time staging and more time shooting.

2) Great configuration

Our Epic package is flexible and ready for anything. We gathered pieces from many different companies around the world and are proud of the highly efficient system we offer. It is flexible, able to work handheld, shoulder mount, on jibs and cranes, or just on tripod. Wherever you want the camera, we’ll help you make it happen. We’ve had it in very extreme shooting conditions and our system works flawlessly.

3) Epic Service at your back

Our mantra at 5k Insight is “Epic Camera. Epic Service.” We want your experience using our camera to be excellent and we are dedicated to making it happen for each and every one of our clients. Whether it’s helping you plan your shoot, on location, or working through post production and finishing, 5k Insight is here to help you get the best out of the Red Epic!

4) Speedy, Reliable, and Flexible Post

Do you want to edit online in a supporting NLE? Do you want Prores or DNxHD dailies? 5k Insight has the know-how and the equipment to pull it off. Our data management is top-notch using the same techniques and software that Hollywood studio productions use.

5) Lots of bang for your buck!

We feel confident that the prices we have are very competitive and have the best interest of our customers in mind!

Visit our rates page to check out our various package options and details on all of our gear!