Working with 5k Insight was a great experience and a ton of fun! And that’s before we saw the shots- which were amazing! We were blown away.

-Jamie Laurie
Lead Singer, Flobots

From pre-production through post, 5k Insight provided fast and thorough service. They made our experience working with the RED Epic and Scarlet camera packages both fun and seamless. 5k was knowledgeable about every aspect of the cameras and helped us customize a workflow that fit our needs.

-Robin Bond
Owner, Robin Bond Media

Working with 5k Insight was a breeze, these guys really know what they’re doing. I will continue to use them on every shoot that I can.

-Brad Scott
Director, Definite Productions

Having never worked with RED before, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with production and workflow. James and 5K insight were right there the whole time during our shoot, and even helped with getting us ready for post. Their knowledge, understand, and flexibility made making our first commercial on RED an absolute breeze.

-Cory Reynolds
Contrast Media

James led us by the hand through our first short film. I had never held a Red Epic before the shoot, four days later we had clips in hand, ready for edit. If it weren’t for the hour of private Epic operations lessons, flexibility in delivery options and timing, and generally having our back, things could have gone very wrong. HUGE thank to you guys for all your help!


I called James for a last minute Music Video shoot that was already over budget and pretty involved. Not only did James help us crew up for the shoot, but he worked tirelessly from prep days through production to help us achieve our vision. Jeff and James both are extremely knowledgeable and a delight to work with. I would recommend that anyone shooting in the Colorado area go through 5Kinsight. I know I’ll be back.

-Jeremiah Hammerling

We had a very busy two day shoot for a television series open and hired 5k Insight for their Red Epic camera and their expertise.  I have to say they were extremely professional and delivered exceptional footage taken in a pretty uncontrolled outdoor environment.  Though they had only had the new Red Epic for a short time when we hired them they had already mastered how to use it and knew the best settings to use for our shots.  I really appreciated how prepared they were and how well they adapted to our changing needs.  They understood what I needed as director and just made it happen. I can’t recommend 5k Insight highly enough.  Great to work with and the footage looks beautiful.

-Peter Greenstone
Director and VFX, Orion Entertainment

5k Insight not only provided us with an industry leading camera and lens package, they also made themselves available to work with us in delivering a product we could be proud of. They were professional at all times, often suggesting new ways of doing things that ended up making our lives much easier. As for the camera, not enough can be said. The Epic’s small build allowed us to move on the fly, a necessity on our set due to the tight schedule and ever changing weather of Colorado. The images produced with 5k resolution allowed us more flexibility in post than I have ever experienced, including turning a overcast gray looking mountain range into a beautiful evening sunset. As a director the advantages of being able to reframe your shots in post make a world of difference in terms of finding the best performance possible. This camera is the real deal, the professionals at 5k Insight are the real deal.

-Matt Panzer
Writer, Director

5k Insight was just what we needed when we decided to use a special lens for our RED Scarlett Camera. 5k had what we were looking for and got us lined out quickly so we would be ready to travel for our shoot. It’s great knowing that we have a capable, professional company to meet our production needs with 5k.

-Nancy Theken
Theken Shots Productions

Insight is the key word in working with the great people at 5K! They were extremely helpful in guiding me and my camera team through the basics of building the package, operation, what shooting formats would best suite our project needs, as well as consulting us on making educated post production work flow decisions. Their package is complete, can be easily built and run on a skeleton crew, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the images produced from the camera. After running the EPIC through every kind of shooting condition on our winter based western film, I can confidently say this is one of the most user friendly and versatile cameras I have ever had on a project!

-Mack Collins
Director of Photography

5k Insight is an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience. I can always count on them to go above and beyond expectations to make sure everything works and my crew and I are prepared for anything that comes up. They are great people to work with and have the assets necessary to make any production better. Make them a part of your next project and you will be thrilled at the outcome.

-Justin Lang
Director of Photography