We’re proud to offer the following services:


Chief over the lighting and camera crews on set, the DP is responsible for carrying out the vision the director brings to the project. This often means significant time in preproduction organizing, discussing, location scouting, and testing to ensure the best quality for the production days.

Camera Assistant (AC)

The AC specializes in pulling focus and having the camera ready as quickly as possible. He’s responsible for changing and cleaning lenses, managing camera filters and accessories, and watches over the camera on set.

Camera Operator

The Camera Operator physically operates the camera, maintains composition, and works closely with the DP. The camera operator must have an intimate knowledge of the various functionalities of the camera in use.

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

In the digital cinematography realm, the DIT consults and helps with workflow, image integrity, LUTs, data management, and everything required to help the DP achieve the best results with digital formats.

Data Manager

A dedicated data manager for sets with a lot of data to work with. When shooting high frames rates on Epic at high resolution, sometimes this means handling several terabytes of data. 5k Insight uses software that’s industry standard in Hollywood to ensure data integrity.

R3D Dailies

Shooting high resolution can seem like an obstacle when speed is paramount in a production turnaround. However 5k Insight is proud offer a service to transcode your raw R3D files to Prores, DNxHD and many other formats. We have equipment that allows us to transcode your files quickly and effectively.

Consultation Services

In addition to the services above, we offer consultation for your production to answer questions as you work through the various stages of production. This can include phone, email, and meetings in-person.

*These are our definitions, and are often loose to adapt to the needs of each specific production*