There have been quite a number of questions coming up about Adobe CS6. We at 5k Insight are very impressed with the incredible amount of enhancements Adobe has packed into the latest update. A longtime Final Cut user shook his head and told me, “Final Cut is Dead”. As a long time Final Cut User myself, I wasn’t excited about the new direction Final Cut was heading either. But, lucky for us, Adobe has really stepped it up in their newest release.

The tutorial below is a basic look at how to get your footage into Premiere CS6 (no more Adobe labs plugin!) and take it into Speedgrade (which supports R3D!!!)

One thing I forgot to mention is the ease of changing your R3D metadata in Speedgrade. Simply go to Clip>Format Options, and then select “Override Timeline defaults” and “Use Settings Below” in the drop down, as seen below.

speedgrade r3d panel

Please let us know if you have any comments/questions/concerns or any ideas for future tutorials!