Our R3D dailies service is based in Denver and we offer:

Any R3D File

Any resolution, aspect, compression from the Red One, Epic, and Scarlet.

NLE-preferred Codecs and Beyond

Prores, DNxHD, h.264, TIFF, DPX, and many others!or a host of other codecs to work offline with your footage.

Flexible Color Space

Rec. 709, 601, log, and other color space options can be applied to your footage.

First Light, Batch Looks

We can help develop or apply looks to help maintain visual continuity between production and post.

Fast turn-around

We have a system with a Red Rocket to transcode your files quickly and get your offline edit off the ground fast.

red rocketContact us for details about your production today!


We will soon have a mobile system that’s equal speed with our desktop system! We’re excited to provide your R3D’s anywhere… details on that soon.