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At 5k Insight, we understand that renting the Epic isn’t just about getting the camera body. It’s about getting a robust set of tools that will prepare you for the longest, hardest shoots. We’ve designed all of our packages with that in mind so that you can maximize the benefits of your Epic rental.

Packages Ready For Anything

At the core, 5k Insight is company that has worked under the demands of the production environment. We’ve built our Epic package accordingly to meet those demands.

Media and Power

We offer enough media and power to get you through long days. With 4 Redvolts for lightweight configurations and 3 Red Bricks for long battery life, your power options are covered.

Flexibility – Big or small

Build it up or tear it down–we’ve built our package for both. For instance, use the side handle in conjunction with a few Red volts and release the Epic from the rods with the quick release system and in seconds you have a hand-held configuration. Conversely, our 19mm steel rods on top and bottom allow for mounting extra accessories you may want to add to the Epic. Big or small, our package is ready.

Epic Service

We live by the mantra, “Epic Camera, Epic Service” and mean it. It’s posted on our wall in the office, we look at it every day. Whether it’s your first time shooting Red or your thousandth, we offer the services and support to help your production realize all of the benefits of the Red cameras at maximum speed.

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