Mark Toia,, an extremely talented commercial director has been shooting with the Epic and was asked for a top 5 list, but instead gave 4 top 5 lists!

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Top 5?… let me think.

1. Size is small…
2. 5k is massive.. 73meg @ 16bit per frame!
3. 13 to 18 stops is ridiculous
4. Pushing out hi end TVC’s from my laptop in a hotel room is dream.
5. 1/2 the price to it’s nearest competitor and shoots 4x times the image size and is 1/4 the physical size!

On set top 5

1. I shoot from a mono pod.
2. Camera is small so I can hand hold alot more. (not shoulder mounted)
3. It’s ridiculously fast to use.
4. It’s light to travel with.
5. I don’t need any camera crew when I want to personal or pickup shots.

Post production top 5

1. I can shoot this and transcode quicker than using my 5d (which I have retired forever)
2. I can grade real time on set as quick as I can get the SSD into a Reader.
3. REDLOGFILM is fricken awessome! … and I can blowup any of my shots by 400%!
4. Nothing keys or tracks better than RED EPIC images. nothing!!!!!
5. I can do everything in my laptop if a post house decides to root me.

Personal top 5

1. My camera sits on my desk next to me with my favourite lens, a 50mm.1.3 super speed. I just pick it up and shoot in 8 seconds 5k @ 120 fps.
2. I can be far more creative with my shots because I can now shoot 4x quicker due to the cameras size and speed of use… coverage is king.
3. Showing clients 5k on my cinema screen in my office, I love watching there mouths drop and hearing the same thing everytime… f*** thats clear!
4. I will now shoot my movie with 4 small cameras working from backpacks. My small movie will now look like a big movie shooting across 4 countries at no extra cost.
5. I make s*** loads more money using this camera.

From budget to post-production, the Epic has you covered.

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Used with permission