5K Insight believes in providing the best service for our customers, and we’ve delivered that service for major productions in film and television. But whether its for a feature or a personal project, 5K Insight is committed to excellence and building trust. Here are five reasons you should trust your production to 5K Insight:

1. Personalized Service

We enjoy providing our clients with the best customer service possible. We offer services from preproduction to post production and customize our offerings specific to each project.

2. Ready for travel and delivery

The 5K Insight Full Production package is available for delivery and shipment anywhere you need it. We understand the tight demands of production, to get what you need where and when you need it, so we’ve made sure everything is travel-friendly and ready to go.

3. 24-hour service

The production schedule is rarely just 9 to 5. 5K Insight understands that and we offer round-the-clock service when you need it. We support productions night and day.

4. Right Package at the Right Price

We’ve spent a long time talking and working with crews and productions discussing the best price point for our packages. We think we’ve found it. At 5k Insight, your production budget goes further.

5. Customizable packages and services

Whatever your production needs may be, they can be met in one place. We stand confidently behind our well-designed camera systems that are ready for long shoot days anywhere and have the experience to add to any production, big or small.

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