5120×2700 is the resolution that the Red Epic captures at Full Frame. Aside from just an impressive number, this  5k resolution offers productions a sizable list of benefits.

1. 5k is a master format

Regardless of how camera tech advances in the next decade, 5k will provide you the resolution to keep your footage relevant for a long time. Plenty of filmmakers I know look unhappily at once-in-a-lifetime footage they’ve shot on transitionary formats that they’ll never be able to sell or publish because of the lack of quality and resolution. Don’t let your project be captured on anything but the best!

2. Digital Flexibility

Many projects are currently mastered in 2k or 1080p. If that’s the case for your project, you can punch in 400% to 1080p on your 5k image. Suddenly you have a wide shot, medium shot, and an insert from one shot! Digital stabilization is a dream.

5k image versus blown up

Top image, 5k, bottom image 720p

5k also means smaller noise in your image… if you downsize your images to 2k (without sharpening) the noise that may be slightly visible in the 5k image disappears!

3. No artifacts shot here.

Moire? Aliasing? These are forgotten words in a 5k environment. See it, shoot it. Green screen? You’ve never keyed until you key with Epic!

4. Huge Files within a perfect workflow.

When shooting high resolution, the post workflow is a primary consideration. Red has engineered REDCODE to allow for variable compression rates in camera, but even at the highest 3:1 compression in the Epic, the post workflow is manageable on today’s modern computer systems. If using a supported NLE like Adobe Premiere CS 5.5, you can edit the footage natively at 1/4 resolution a good system, or 1/2 with the RedRocket. For longer form projects, we typically recommend switching to an offline workflow. Redcine-X Pro has made transcoding footage dead-simple. Choose your codec and go.

5. Resolution is no longer a consideration.

5k resolution is ready to capture anything. Point the camera in a direction, it will capture the scene perfectly. Future resolutions will allow for additional flexibility in post and deliver other benefits, but 5k (after debayer to 4k) is equivalent to super-35mm film–the gold standard for the past 123 years. It’s not that resolution doesn’t matter… but rather that THIS resolution provides the camera crew with the ease of knowing that “digital” won’t stand in the way of any particular shot. Check it off the list, when you’re shooting 5k, you don’t have to think about limitations you’ve had with previous digital cameras.

Of course, there is a lot more to the Red Epic than just 5k resolution. Future blogs to come!

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